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How To Use Your 3rd Eye Manifestation Candle


 A Little Helpful Direction

To get the best results, please follow the instructions provided. It is always best before doing any spiritual or magical workings, to cleanse yourself and your space. You may do this by burning Palo Santo or Incense, a Spiritual bath or even a simple shower will do. We highly advise to do both a self-cleansing and a space cleansing.


Choose a safe space to burn your candle where they will not be around any flammable items, children or pets. do not leave your candle burning unattended. Make sure you are burning your candle side wall to side wall to avoid any tunneling, the top of your candle should be completely melted before it is snuffed out. DO NOT blow the flame out, blowing the flame out will blow the magic out as well. Snuff your candle out with the candles' wooden lid or a candle snuffer. A strong belief and conviction are the most important ingredients in manifesting your desires; Speak aloud to the universe as though you are already living the life that you desire.

When To Burn Your Candle



SUNDAY OR MONDAY DAYTIME: • Healing, •Self-Love, •Happiness, •Peace, •Fresh Start, •Gratitude

TUESDAY DAYTIME: • Road opener, •Banishing, •Spoonful of Sugar, •Everything Nice

WEDNESDAY DAYTIME: • Psychic Visions, •Luck, •Forty Winks

THURSDAY DAYTIME” • Abundance, •Better Business

FRIDAY DAYTIME • Money, •Love, •Forget Me Not, •Way Back Into Love,

SATURDAY NIGHTTIME: • Protection, •Shut Up, •Return to Sender,• Uncrossing

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