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Safest Places to Travel Alone

  1. Spain

  2. Singapore

  3. Ireland

  4. Austria

  5. Switzerland

  6. Norway

  7. Portugal

  8. Croatia

  9. Canada

  10. Poland

Regardless of gender or gender identity, traveling alone is a scary and daunting thought in the world we live in today. Polaris states that there was a 19% increase in Human Trafficking between 2018 and 2019. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime shared the statistic that adult women make up 46%, adult men 20%, young girls 19%, and young boys 15% of the people that are trafficked. Human trafficking victims are not solely used for sexual exploitation, they can be used for forced labor, forced marriages, the selling of babies and even organ removal. I don't write this to scare people or talk them out of traveling alone or traveling in general, but to keep people informed and educated about a huge epidemic that is happening in the world and has been happening for years.

The gallery of pictures above are some of the world's safest places to travel, however people should still be aware that dangerous situations can happen anywhere in the world, even if the place is deemed 'safe'.

Here are some tips for travelling to an unknown place:

  1. Research your destination before you go:

    1. Although research won't be able to prepare you for every situation, research can provide you with the information you need to stay safe, such as were the worst crime areas are or where the hospitals or police stations are located.

  2. Enroll in the areas STEP program if it is available.

    1. you'll get updates about safety and security issues for your destination

  3. Bring a travel kit for safety

    1. portable door lock which can retail for $12.99-17.99

    2. wedge door stop security alarm which retails for around $11.99

    3. A rape whistle

      1. Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle

      2. UST JETSCREAM WHISTLE (122 decibels)

        1. it is plastic but not single use, and it wont clog

  4. Make sure people cannot see into your room, or hear what your room number or what floor your room is on.

  5. Before unpacking & showering, turn off all the lights in your room, turn your phone flashlight on and look around the room for any red lights.

    1. buy an RF detector & bring it with you which will detect hidden cameras or mics

    2. most common places for hidden camera & mics:

      1. smoke detectors

      2. air filters equipment

      3. books

      4. wall décor

      5. electrical devices

      6. small desk plants

      7. tissue boxes and stuffed animals

      8. table tops, shelves, couch cushions

      9. dvd cases

      10. lava lamps

      11. digital tv boxes

      12. wall sockets

      13. hairdryer holders

      14. wall or alarm clocks

      15. clothes hooks

      16. pens

  6. Check the mirrors in your rooms

    1. use the fingernail gap test on all your mirrors, as well as checking them for hidden camera with your phone light.

      1. place your fingernail on the surface of the mirror, if there is a gap between your nail and the image it is a real mirror. If your finger and the image touch tip-to-tip, there would be a hidden spy camera in the mirror


    1. Don't more or touch the camera. Call the police to come and take the camera

      1. the police will collect the evidence as well as any fingerprints

      2. take away all of your belongings out of view of the camera

      3. take pictures for evidence

      4. follow up with the police

Staying safe is important and daunting but it is important to try to keep ourselves as safe as we possibly can.

Safe Travels!

Here is a link to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime statistics page:

The Number to the Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

A Link to Human Trafficking Non-Profits where anybody can donate to a multitude of different sits. Do your research and find which site speaks to you:

Here is also a link to a petition to reinstate the violence against women's act:

A link for petitions in the Human Rights category:

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